Company History

History and Mission Statement

Serving the city of Seattle for over 100 years, Ewing & Clark flourishes by satisfying our customers’ every real estate need.

Beginning as Calhoun, Denny and Ewing in the 1880s, William Calhoun, Charles Denny and Henry C. Ewing’s firm served an emerging cosmopolitan hub and became our foundation. Incorporated as Ewing & Clark, Inc. in 1900, our company is now the oldest real estate brokerage in the state of Washington.  

Our Private Brokerage
concept addresses all aspects of a real estate portfolio: residential, commercial, industrial, property management, maintenance, investment and consulting.  Private Brokerage means a higher level of personal service, added value, managed assets, accurate financial reports and advice and consultation with complete privacy and discretion.

Our Distinctive Homeshop was established in 1978 to fill a need for brokering homes of the highest caliber in our region. Since this time, we have consistently sold more luxury homes than any of our competitors. Our domination of the luxury marketplace has gone unchallenged and is a direct result of our hands-on customer service, targeted marketing, professionalism and discretion and our unsurpassed experience in the field.

Quote from the CEO

“Ewing & Clark’s secret of success is our dedication to providing our clients with every real estate service they need. Our team brings together more experience and a broader range of resources than any other Washington company. I am proud to be associated with our family of professionals at Ewing & Clark, and we would be honored to serve you as your private real estate broker, offering you unique and unparalleled real estate services since 1900.”

-John Brian Losh, Chairman/CEO