October 2017

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If you've been in the home-buying market in recent months, you're well aware of how competitive it is in Seattle right now. Homes are selling fast, often for above asking price. The average homeowner and would-be buyer can face struggles trying to buy. International investors have been scooping up as much real estate as possible, making it harder for owner-occupants to complete a purchase.

Investors often have several advantages coming to the table. One of the biggest is the potential to purchase a home via a cash offer. There are no contingencies, such as appraisals and inspections. For sellers, that can make working with an investor more attractive. After all, the concern of the sale falling through due to appraisal or inspection issues becomes

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The Seattle real estate market has been booming month over month, and the trend is expected to continue. With the consequences of global warming affecting climates in other regions, coupled with the rapid expansion of companies like Amazon, Seattle is growing remarkably fast. More and more people continue to flock to the Emerald City, growing the population by more than 1,000 people per week since 2010. 

Ours is also one of the top rated cities to get the greatest return on real estate investment, due to constantly increasing home prices and real estate value.

In September this year, there were slightly fewer residential home listings at 134 as compared with listings in 2016 (143). The average sale price also dropped $55,000 to $993,291 in 2017,

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