November 2017

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It seems like every week, a new article or report comes out blaming the Millennial generation for the decline of an industry. Millennials have been blamed for falling birth and marriage rates, the financial woes of casual chain restaurants like Applebee's and TGIFridays and even droughts in California because of their love for avocados and almond milk.

Many economists are also quick to point out that far fewer Millennials are buying homes than members of previous generations did at their age. While pundits may like to claim that this is because Millennials hate responsibility, this trend has more to it than a simple desire to avoid needing to maintain a house and yard. In fact, as many as 90 percent of Millennials look at home ownership as a major

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Prices for homes across the United States have been on the rise throughout 2017. Most markets are seeing growth in demand and an increase in average selling prices. Washington State, and more specifically, the Seattle area, has far exceeded the growth of other real estate markets. Prices around Seattle are on the rise, and demand doesn't show any sign of tapering off in the near future.

The average selling price of a single family home in the Seattle area has gone up 13.5 percent in only a year. When you compare that with the national average increase in home price, which is 5.9 percent, it's easy to see how Seattle's growth outpaces most other places. Looking nearby to Portland, Oregon, which currently holds the second place for real estate growth

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Seattle has been leading the nation with the hottest real estate market for a full year now, with no signs of slowing down. This trend is expected to continue into 2018, according to an emerging trends report from ULI.

The steady increase in home prices has led to a growth that is double San Francisco’s, although the California hub’s home values are still much greater than ours. That being said, Seattle’s home values increased by more than 12 percent in 2017.

Last month, residential home sales were generally close to the October 2016 statistics, with only 20 fewer homes listed last month as compared with October last year. However, the average sale price for single family residential homes increased by more than $100,000 this year to $793,000

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