April 2018

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The best real estate agents are tenacious, humble, creative, and honest. It is easy to fill this list out with a hundred different skills and qualifications, but at the end of the day, if your real estate agent has the required licensing they can get the job done. What separates the good from the bad is how trustworthy they are and how well tailored their experience is for your unique needs.

If an agent can answer the following questions in depth without skirting details or trying to overload you with jargon, it’s a good sign they know what they are doing and can be trusted. If not, keep looking.


Initial Screening Questions

Do you, and will you, have enough time to work with me?”

Don’t be afraid to directly ask how many clients your

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Seattle continues to maintain the nation’s fastest-growing home prices. While San Francisco still holds the record for the most sustained growth in the price of single-family homes with a 20-month streak that ended back in 2001, Seattle is now only three months away from tying. 

The perpetual urban sprawl of Seattle makes new construction projects difficult to initiate. Few opportunities to begin construction on new homes, single family or multi-family, without demolishing existing homes. Very few of these buildings are unoccupied, as well. The profit is there for the making, but with a much higher initial investment cost than what it would take to begin construction on undeveloped land.

The very limited supply of new construction homes in Seattle

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Low inventory continues to plague the Seattle real estate market. It was an ongoing theme in real estate news for all of last year, and inventory in the first quarter of 2018 remains slim. Meanwhile, the market is still very hot. Last month, prices for new homes averaged $777,000 in Seattle and $950,000 on the east side of Lake Washington.

Across the board, from the average home or condo sale price to the top sold property, March 2018 topped the same month last year by at least $100,000. 

Although there were more than 100 fewer single-family residential homes listed in March 2018 as compared with March last year, the average and top highest sales prices for the month surpassed last year’s by a significant amount. A total of 316 homes were listed

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