Five Trends in U.S. Commercial Real Estate Market from Foreign Capitol

Check out the article, Five Foreign Capitol Trends in U.S. Commercial Real Estate Market, featured on National Real Estate Investor’s website.  The article by Brian Ward from Colliers International, points out a bunch of trends that are favoring the Seattle Commercial Real Estate Market.  The number 2 listed trend is new markets are getting hot.  In the past, foreign investors concentrated on well known cities like New York on the East Coast and San Francisco on the West Coast.  Foreign investors are now much most likely to look at other cities, like Seattle, Boston (don’t make me re-live the Super Bowl), D.C., Chicago, Dallas, etc.  Mainly this trend is because there is a lot of capital chase commercial real estate investments, so foreign investors are widening their search.  The number 3 listed trend is foreign capital likes investing in commercial real estate where their are technology and biotechnology jobs.  This favors cities like San Jose, Seattle, and Boston.  Seattle commercial real estate is considered by many still to be a great deal especially when compared to San Francisco.  Check out the article, to see the other 3 trends that are pushing the foreign investment in the U.S., although none of them apply to Seattle’s real estate market as closely as those listed above.

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