Seattle Real Estate Spotlight: Mercer Island

Mercer Island is an affluent community situated between Seattle and other Eastside neighborhoods, creating an easy commute to and from the city. Living on an island presents a unique opportunity, and real estate is a hot commodity among Seattleites.


Duwamish Native Americans believed that Mercer Island was inhabited by evil spirits, and another story tells of their fears of the island sinking every night. Thus they largely steered clear of the area, but settlers eventually took their chances and began moving in. The island was named in 1860 after Judge Thomas Mercer, and the area was slow to attract residents, nearly until the completion of the I-90 bridge in the 1940s. Population grew, and a retail core began to develop & thrive.

Points of Interest

Mercer Island has much to offer residents and visitors including two business districts on the Northside of the island, and around Pioneer Park which has a number of hiking and walking trails. Luther Bank Park is another expansive park and features one of the largest off-leash dog areas around Seattle. Check out the swimming hole at Groveland Beach, and watch Seafair from Audrey Davis Park. Dining options include Bennet’s Pure Food Bistro, and the historic Roanoke Inn built in 1914.