Seattle Real Estate Spotlight: West Seattle

West Seattle is one of Seattle’s oldest and largest neighborhoods. Geographically it is fairly isolated from the rest of the city, and is accessed via the West Seattle bridge or by water taxi. Alki Beach is a little slice of coastal California in the Northwest, featuring a sandy beach and promenade lined with restaurants and shops. Though only a few minutes from downtown, West Seattle is a tight-knit community that prides itself on being culturally distinct from mainland Seattle.


West Seattle holds an important place in Seattle history, as Alki was where Arthur Denny and his party of settlers first came ashore in 1851. Separate towns of Alki and West Seattle existed until they were both annexed to the City of Seattle in 1907, the same year an electric streetcar began service on present-day California Avenue Southwest. Real estate offices moved into the area known today as the Alaska Junction, and residential development boomed.

Points of Interest

West Seattle is a popular community for residents and visitors, featuring the beautiful waterfront area of Alki Beach. The business districts along California Way SW and Admiral Way have countless things to offer passersby like music stores, restaurants, local retail, bakeries and salons. There are very few chain stores in West Seattle, in fact most of the boutiques are unique to the neighborhood.